"Mary is a great teacher. She is patient and has a good curriculum for students. My son is in beginner level and has fun learning thru games and different topics ever week. Mary is also very responsible sending email to parents about class updates after each class. So we know what kids learn in the class and can review or help them at home. We are very happy having her for our son's Spanish leaning."

Yelp – Cindy H, on Jan 2019, Redmond

"I have been working with Mary for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed my Spanish sessions and feel that I have made significant progress as a result of Mary's programs. She is enthusiastic, friendly and very patient during our sessions. We have covered lots of vocab and grammar and Mary's knowledge of how best to teach "fun" things like tenses is impressive. Mary is very organized and resourceful when it comes to providing suitable materials to improve spoken and written Spanish. The conversation classes she started for our group of 4 during the summer have helped to improve our fluency as we discuss simple short stories, podcasts, Spanish movies and TV series and of course, aspects of our own lives or our opinions on a variety of issues. I am happy to recommend Mary as a great Spanish teacher."

– Rita Smallridge, on Jan 2019, Redmond

"I spent a few months working with Mary on learning the foundation of the Spanish language. Her approach was really hands-on​ and thoughtful.
She is patient and the methods she uses to teach brings the entire experience full circle. You have to do your part, but it is worth it to have one-on-one time, or even to get set up in a group where your skills can be challenged even further. I am taking a little break, but using my resources (some even recommended by her).
If you want to learn Spanish from a real person, with Genuity​, and perseverance​ then Mary is the one you want to go to! She combines many tactics so no matter your learning style, she will suit your needs."

Yelp – Amanda A., on May 2018, Marysville

"I can recommend Spanish by Mary. I'm currently receiving tutoring from her. She is a native speaker from Peru. She is very organized and works with students of all ages."

• Nextdoor – David K., on March 2018, Monthaven

"Mary is a very reliable, extremely good and excellent Spanish tutor. I will highly recommend her."

– Lokesh V., on January 2018, Redmond

"Mary is a wonderful Spanish tutor! She has helped our son with both middle school and high school Spanish. We have noted considerable improvement in his performance on exams after working with Mary who is supportive, patient, and kind.:)!"

Yelp – Jill L., on November 2017, Bellevue

"I am an adult taking Spanish lessons with Mary and I highly recommend her. I feel I am learning a lot and she makes the process fun. She is very patient and explains everything thoroughly. If you are interested in learning Spanish look no further!"

• Nextdoor – Patty Carter, on November 2017, Bellevue

"Mary has provided my daughter with a strong base to start Spanish 1 in HS with confidence. My daughter has become more confident in her skills because of her."

– Courtney Courter, on September 2017, Bellevue

"Mary is an excellent teacher. In a short period she moulded my son very well. We are extremely happy."

– Uma Minakshisundaram, on July 2017, Sammamish

"I started working with Mary a few months ago. We are going to Mexico a few times a year so I needed to learn Spanish very quickly. Mary had a system which helped me to not just learn but also understand how this language works. Even after just a few lessons I already new so much. She is very fun and easy person to work with. I would definitely recommend her as your spanish teacher."

– Jennag Gutsalo, on November 2016, Kirkland

"Mary tutored me for about 6 months in order to prepare for my Spanish AP test and she did a great job. She went through test problems with me and walked me through step by step on how to improve my results. At the end of my tutoring I felt well prepared for my test, so much so that when I got my results back I knew I would get a 5 ( the highest score on the test). I truly attribute a large portion of my succes to Mary."

– Anjali Skilton, on October 2016, Bellevue

"Mary has tutored my son in High School Spanish for the a couple of years. My son has improved his grade because Mary has made it easier for our son to appreciate learning Spanish. I highly recommend Mary Lopez for any and all Spanish tutoring needs."

– Suzanne Corner, on August 2016, New Castle

"Mary is a wonderful and patient Spanish tutor that will work with your child at whatever level needed. She has worked with my middle school son and his schoolmate for almost 2 years. Both children have increased Spanish knowledge and confidence. She also worked with my very young daughter. I recommend Mary Lopez for tutoring your student in Spanish."

– Jenny Lee Rowe, on August 2016, Bellevue