Spanish Conversation

Practice conversation will help you to increase your level of Spanish fluency. I will help you to communicate in different situations you may encounter in real daily-life conversation.
• Adults
• Teenagers
You can participate in group sessions or one on one session. They are one hour session. There are 3 levels: Basic and Intermediate and Advance.

Spanish Tutoring

The Spanish Tutoring sessions are target for student for various level in their academics e.g. Spanish 1, Spanish 2 or Spanish 3. The students constantly improve their skills since their first session and a significant improvement can be observed. I provide feedback to parents and update them about their progress as well as inform them about their area of improvement.
We have one on one sessions and group session (2-5 people).

Spanish for adults

This program is for people who have no experience with the Spanish language or have little knowledge in school. You will be able to set up your own schedule and pace. The session can be one on one or small groups.

Exam preparation

The exam preparation will help students to improve their results in standardized Spanish test. I provide training for all level of Spanish for the following tests:
• AP (Advance Spanish test)
• IB (International Baccalaureate test)
• SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española)

Spanish for travelers

These two programs assume you know nothing about Spanish you will feel comfortable ordering food, making a reservation in a hotel, asking directions, shopping and more.

● Fast track program

You will learn the basics to communicate in any Spanish spoken country. It will help you to make your vacation a great experience while traveling to South America, Central America or Europe or North America.
This first program is for people who need basic Spanish to communicate during his trip in any Spanish-speaking country.

  • 8 hour session
  • You can start whenever you want
  • You will receive online resources to practice at home or while traveling
  • You can take one or more hours per session
  • Flexible schedule
  • More conversational
● Condensed program for travelers

This program is for people who want to stay longer in a Spanish-speaking country, at least for a month. They need more grammar base and listening and conversation.

  • 20 hour session
  • Practice with games
  • Basics in grammar and vocabulary but always focusing on travel so that you can communicate on your journeys as soon as possible.
  • Activities, examples and vocabulary lists are geared towards traveler’s needs
  • You can start whenever you want
  • You will receive online resources to practice at home
  • You can take one or more hours per session
  • Include hangouts
  • Flexible schedule

Experienced translation expert who holds a Bachelor degree in Translation and Interpretation in English/Spanish/French with more than 10 years experience in translating documents.
• Services include English-to-Spanish translation to individuals, private and public institutions.
• Translation services include but not limited to correspondence, engineering and medical documents.
• Transcripts of video clips.